Signs You May Require Sealcoating Services Edmonton: Safeguard Your Pavement Investment

Sealcoating services Edmonton

Asphalt pavements represent an invaluable investment for property owners in Edmonton. From driveways and parking lots to municipal roads and municipal parking garages, maintaining asphalt surfaces properly is paramount to their longevity and aesthetic appeal. An essential maintenance task such as seal coating protects from elements that degrade asphalt over time.

We explore signs indicating Sealcoating services Edmonton may be required as a form of preventative maintenance measures to preserve their integrity and keep pavement in excellent condition for many years ahead.

Fading Color and Oxidation:

One of the key indicators that your asphalt pavement requires sealcoating is when its original hue fades over time due to exposure to the sun, rain, and environmental conditions such as temperature extremes. Over time this oxidation causes asphalt binder molecules to undergo chemical changes when exposed to UV radiation. Sealcoating helps restore its deep dark hue while simultaneously offering additional protection from future oxidation damage.

Cracks and Potholes:

Asphalt pavements often experience cracks and potholes due to fluctuating temperatures in regions like Edmonton. As water seeps into cracks in wintertime and freezes inside them, expanding outward, worsening damage further by creating more extensive cracks and potholes. Sealcoating services Edmonton provides protection by filling minor cracks while stopping further water infiltration thus prolonging pavement lifespan while smoothening its surface for reduced risk of trip hazards or vehicle damage.

Loss of Aggregate (Raveling):

Aggregate loss, also referred to as raveling, occurs when asphalt pavement starts deteriorating slowly over time, dislodging small rock particles or aggregate. This often becomes noticeable following heavy rainfall or prolonged use, when its surface can appear uneven or rougher than expected.

Sealcoating services Edmonton provides a protective shield to stop this phenomenon by sealing loose particles together into larger masses that adhere tightly against one another – improving traction while decreasing risk from skidding accidents and returning smoothness back onto pavement while improving traction while increasing smoothness while simultaneously improving traction while simultaneously increasing smoothness as well.

Filling of Small Cracks and Fissures:

Small cracks may seem minor at first, but left unaddressed they can quickly grow into more significant issues that require attention. Sealcoating provides an effective preventive measure against moisture penetration as well as vegetation growth that compromises pavement integrity further if left to grow unchecked. By sealing cracks early on property owners can save both money and extend the lifespan of asphalt surfaces by sealing early.

Surface Deterioration and Aging:

Asphalt surfaces naturally degrade over time as a result of traffic loads, weathering conditions, and chemical exposures such as traffic volumes. Signs of surface degradation include roughness, unevenness, and loss of texture which detracts from its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Sealcoating offers rejuvenating effects by restoring smoothness and uniformity back into its surfaces to reverse the effects of aging while improving performance overall.

Increased Water Pooling and Drainage Issues:

Poor drainage can be an ongoing challenge in asphalt pavements, leading to water pooling, erosion, and structural damage over time. Sealcoating services Edmonton helps address drainage problems by creating a smooth waterproof barrier that directs excess moisture away from surfaces; proper drainage helps preserve structural integrity as well as avoid costly repairs due to infiltration from water sources.

Sealcoating services Edmonton

Exposure to Harsh Weather Conditions:

Edmonton experiences extreme climate conditions throughout the year, from freezing winter temperatures and heavy precipitation to hot summer heat waves and heavy rainfall, which all can take their toll on asphalt pavements, speeding their rate of degeneration while undermining their durability. Sealcoating provides another line of defense against harsh conditions by shielding against UV radiation, moisture intrusion, temperature swings, and UV radiation exposure.

Increased Repair Frequencies:

If your asphalt pavement requires frequent repairs, this could be a telltale sign of its needing sealcoating. Recurrent patching and filling of cracks provide only short-term fixes without effectively addressing its core integrity problems; while sealcoating offers more comprehensive pavement care that prevents future damages and minimizes costly repair needs over time.


Sealcoating services Edmonton are essential components of asphalt pavement maintenance in areas like Edmonton where extreme weather conditions accelerate deterioration. By understanding when Sealcoating services Edmonton may be needed and taking proactive steps to safeguard their surfaces, property owners can prolong the lifespan of their pavements while improving appearances while saving on repairs in the long run. Pro Pavement Markings Regular sealcoating not only preserves asphalt’s integrity and functionality but also fosters safe environments for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

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